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Buuks.co.uk was established for those who love books, and those who want to buy them at the best prices. Our members pay £15 a month, enabling them to buy bestsellers, latest arrivals, classics and many other genres - at purchase price!


You simply make a purchase at members price in our shop. The membership is then activated automatically.


After the first month, the membership is no long binding, which means you can then always unsubscribe after the first month if you no longer wish to be a member.


You get the opportunity to buy all of our books at cost price. Members also gets free shipping with Royal Mail.


Your membership at Buuks.co.uk is a continuous subscription. New members get 40 days for the price of 30, hereafter £15 per month. Your membership is registered to your email address. It is therefore important that you use the same email address with every purchase you make. If you use different email addresses when shopping, multiple memberships will be created.

You log in to ”My Account” via the customer center using the email address you used in connection with your purchase. The first time you log in, select the "Do you need a password?" function. You will then receive an email with a link to create a password that you can log in with (remember to check your spam filter if you haven’t received the email). All payments at Buuks.co.uk are made by card. All payment fees are borne by Buuks.co.uk and are therefore included in the stated product prices and prices on the membership. You have access to see your previous member payments when you log in to "My account" on Buuks.co.uk. Only private individuals over the age of 18 can become a member. When you accept the membership conditions on Buuks.co.uk, you confirm that you are over 18 years old.

When you accept the applicable membership conditions on Buuks.co.uk, you accept that Buuks.co.uk may draw the stated amount of £15 from your account continuously every month, until you choose to cancel your membership. You will receive an order confirmation by email upon your first purchase that contains information about your subscription. Subsequent receipts for the membership fees will be available in “My account” when you are logged in to Buuks.co.uk in the customer center, under the tab "Receipts". If you’re payment of the membership fee does not take place at the latest due date, e.g., due to rejection by NETS, your bank, your payment provider, etc. the remaining amount will be attempted drawn continuously until the amount due has been paid, i.e., for the months you have been a member.

Membership rates can increase without notice by up to 10% once a year, due to price adjustments from suppliers, shipping costs and administration costs. If there are increases of price to the membership of more than 15%, you will be notified via email, which you can read in "My account" in the customer center on Buuks.co.uk.

There is no commitment period, after the first month. You can easily cancel your membership, when you want to take a break or no longer wish to be a member. You can either cancel it by logging in to your account in our customer centre or by contacting our customer service by phone or email who will be happy to help you. You are required to pay for the current membership period you are in.

If the membership has been cancelled, you will still have access to making purchases for the members prices in the remaining membership period. After a membership is terminated, no further membership fees will be drawn from the customer’s bankaccount unless they choose to reactivate their membership.If they place a new order after their cancelled membership period has expired, the membership will be reactivated and the a new charge of £15 for one month’s membership will be drawn immediately after placing the order. Hereafter the membership will continue until it is cancelled again.

Buuks.co.uk does not accept cancellations from third parties or services. If you refuse receipt of ordered goods, or do not pick up goods before they are sent back to Buuks.co.uk, this will not be equated with a cancellation of membership.

From the moment you make your first order for a members price, thereby activating a membership at Buuks.co.uk, you are as the cardholder obliged to pay the full amount of £15 each month until the membership is cancelled.

Your members purchase is linked to the 14-day statutory right of withdrawal, which starts by the time you have created your purchase. As you have entered into a subscription agreement, there is only a right of withdrawal at the conclusion of the agreement and not in connection with the ongoing payment. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must return the items you have purchased at members price, in approved condition, within 14 days of the purchase being created.

Buuks.co.uk reserves the right to cancel any membership and cancel any open orders that are in violation of the applicable membership terms and conditions, if there is reason to believe that the there is an overconsumption or misuse of the membership. A membership can, e.g. be closed as a result of unfair use. It is considered unfair use if a member tries to circumvent the maximum purchase of an item by placing several orders on the same item within 7 consecutive days. Placing more than 4 orders within a month is also not permitted. It is only permitted to purchase at members price for one’s own consumption or household consumption.

Buuks.co.uk and partnercompanies are owned and processed by Group Logistics ApS. All employees of Buuks.co.uk are employed by and affiliated with Group Logsitic ApS. The products/goods sold from the website are owned and handled by Group Logistic ApS.


Buuks UK is a webshop and a members club - as a member you can get great savings on more than 500,000 books by shopping at the member price. When you shop at the member price, your membership is created automatically on your e-mail.It costs £15 per month to be a member of Buuks UK and there is no commitment period after the first month. If you are a new member, you get 40 days for £15 We look forward to welcoming you.