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Hverdag.dk has a new friend!
Get extra benefits when you shop at hverdag.dk.
Become a member of sharingclub and get a 4% discount on all items. Your discount is earned as points that you can use for purchases at hverdag.dk or any other store that is part of the sharingclub universe.

Free and without commitment
Save 4% on everything
Save extra with points
Special member offers and promotions
How does sharingclub work
You can sign up for sharingclub at hverdag.dk/sharingclub or on sharingclub's own website: sharingclub.io.

It's free to join sharingclub. There's no commitment or extra fees and you can unsubscribe at any time.

As a sharingclub member, you have many benefits, such as earning an extra 4% on all purchases at hverdag.dk, collecting points and access to special member offers and promotions.

An open loyalty program means that multiple merchants are affiliated with the same loyalty program and that you as a consumer can freely choose to earn and use points wherever it suits you.

There is no lock-in period at sharingclub, so you can cancel your membership at any time.

You can cancel your membership with sharingclub at any time. You can do this on hverdag.dk under 'My Profile' or on sharingclub. Remember that you can always contact customer service if you need help.

As a sharingclub member, you will regularly receive exciting offers and surprises from our partners.

You earn points on all your purchases at stores in the sharingclub universe. The number of points earned varies from store to store.

Your points can be used to obtain discounts on purchases at Hverdag.dk or any other shop in the sharingclub universe. You can also choose to receive your discounts as sharingclub tokens.

Your points are valid for 36 months. If you have chosen to exchange your points for sharingclub tokens, there is no expiration date.

You can exchange your points for sharingclub tokens, which can be exchanged for cash.

It can take up to 24 hours before you can see your points after a purchase on hverdag.dk.

You can see your total points balance on sharingclub.io by logging in to your profile.

You can order a new password here.

You can cancel your membership via your profile on sharingclub.io without any obligation.

sharingclub.io uses internationally recognized security technologies to protect members' data from unauthorized access.